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   There are Five livestyles to chose from. Eve Connolly is a Certified Senior Advisor and Prescott's Preferred Real Estate Agent.



​You have an idea about where you want to go? Do you need some help getting there? We are the experts at helping our clients find the perfect community and lifestyle they desire ...


   Is Retirement in Prescott right for you? Certified Senior Advisor | Prescott Realtor | Eve Connolly



Connolly Real Estate Connection will help take you to the next stage in life with compassion, integrity and experience. we will assist with your concerns you may have about...


   Is Retirement in Prescott right for you? Certified Senior Advisor | Prescott Realtor | Eve Connolly



We have worked with a variety of clients varying from young adult familes to mature adults lifestyles. Our specialty is helping you find the right lifestyle...


   Is Retirement in Prescott right for you? Certified Senior Advisor | Prescott Realtor | Eve Connolly

   Providing A Distinctive Real Estate Experience 

   Is Retirement in Prescott right for you? Certified Senior Advisor | Prescott Realtor | Eve Connolly

Neel "Eve" Connolly, CSA®



Eve Connolly, REALTOR®, 

Broker/Owner, Senior Real Estate Specialist, Certified Senior Advisor CSA®


I am a Real Estate Professional and owner of Connolly Real Estate Connection, located in Prescott, Arizona.

Licenced since 2003. I Offer Real Estate Services to our ever growing population of our Baby Boomer generation and Beyond. If you are faced with a lifestyle change and have more questions than answers, I am here to assist you! My focus will primarily be on aging in place as it is usually the first option for most older adults to consider and prefer. This of course is depending on the client's physical and/or mental condition prior to considering life style options. 

Remember, retirement and aging co-exit. It is your journey to a destination that meets your needs and wants and we rarely go into new territories without a map if one is available. As we age and how we age are not the same for all of us. Just as aging isn't always what they appear to be or hoped for, understanding the phases and stages of aging is usually learned while living life in the present, then looking back to assess and understand then, to a degree, to plan for what lies ahead. For the last five years, I have had the privilege to assist many older adults on their journey in their transition of lifestyle choice. Aging in place, downsizing, moving in with family, retirement communities or if needed assited living. It is from my experience with my former clients I bring to you a road well traveled. Not one transition is identical but each one rewarding beyond measure and is treasured deep within my heart. Eve



“Eve was wonderful to work with. We are a retired couple relocating to Prescott, Arizona. Eve Connolly helped us find a home we have always dreamed of owning. Thank you for your expertise and profesionalism.”

Are any of these major topics keeping you awake??


1. Is moving the best alternative? If so, where?


3. Will affordability be a challenge?


4. Will lifestyle be compromised?


5. Will independency be at risk?


6. What is the best way to downsize a lifetime’s worth of possessions and family heirlooms?


7. What are the tax-related implications of a sale


8. What effect might a sale have on future income?

As a Certified Senior Advisor, I have met the rigorous NCCA standards. I am recognized as a qualified professional, I understands key health, social, financial, legal and ethical factors that are important to the majority of established senior adults. I have integrated this knowledge into my practice as a Licensed Real Estate Professional. Please feel free to call!!



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As a Certified Senior Advisors (CSAs) I have supplemented my professional license, credentials and education with knowledge about aging and working with seniors. The CSA designation alone does not imply expertise in financial, health or social matters. Detail: