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Deciding to Sell Your Home is a Monumental Decision.


Real Estate Services Optimized: Professional Real Estate Agent, since 2003 offering exceptional client services. My team consist of a Transaction Manager, tracks the transaction and keeps all parties of the transaction up to date, in either digital or hard copy documents. My time and energy is focused on you, my client. As a Real Estate Professional, there is no cost for a Comparable Market Analysis, a pre-listing assessment or a Staging consultation, but an added critical benefit. Should you require assistance in packing, sorting, organizing for a smooth transition and relocation, we can help in outsourcing this project to a Senior Moving Manager.


Selling a home is not just putting the sign in the ground, it takes planning. Once the decision to sell has been made, understand that your idea of "home" needs emotional distance, therefore your perspective of home has now become a house, a commodity.


Prepare in advanced critical information that buyers would want to know about the property before you put it on the market.  If deferred maintenance is not addressed prior to listing the property it is almost guaranteed it will affect your equity. It is an emotional time for older adults making the decision on what to keep, what to donate, what to sell and what to give away can be a challenging time, don't hesitate to ask an unbiased party . Another choice you may want to consider is to pay for your own home inspection and correct those "red flagged" items before it goes on the market in order for a successful closing.


Disclosure; Have your invoices and repair receipts, dates, certifications, permits and building plans available for buyers to inspect. Offer a copy of Seller's Property Disclosure Form, Clue Report with detailed information and warranty documents, before an offer is made. 

Start packing what you won't need for the next 3-6 months. Find a place to stack your boxes in an area that is out of the way or place them in your garage, maybe even rent a storage space. Be ready...moving can have it's own challenges whatever they are there are resources but can add to the cost of moving.


The crucial elements of marketing your home is Staging! Staging the property starts from the curb all the way to the back property line. Just as reaching a fair market value price with a short time line on the market is important to the Owner, Staging should be considered imperative to co-exist for the listing agent. Staging effects every potential buyer"s 30 second instant impression based on the "wow" factor. Take it a step further, it affects every person that searches the internet for their visual gratification of their future home via pictures and virtual tours. If flyers are being made available, more visual content for those drive by's. Not staging a house minimizes buyer's interest, creating longer days on the market, lowers chances of credible price offers, greater chances of equity loss.


NOTE: A "client" is a Seller or Buyer, who have decided to Buy or Sell a home. A "customer" are those who are "thinking" about Buying or Selling a home. Please take into consideration, contrary to what people understand what agents do for their clients benefit? They offer time, energy and that amounts to money spent through classroom education, experience in, research, previewing homes, marketing meetings, doing comparative market analysis, understanding the listing and purchase contract, negotiating on your behalf, wear and tear on vehicles, insurance premiums, car maintenance, and so...much more! Please be considerate, time can not be re-lived for any of us.


Disclosure: “Certified Senior Advisors (CSAs) have supplemented their individual professional licenses, credentials and education with knowledge about aging and working with seniors. It is recommended that you verify the validity of any professional’s credentials in which you conduct business and be sure you completely understand what those licenses, credentials and education signify. The CSA certification alone does not imply expertise in financial, health or social matters. The CSA certification is an enhancement to my real estate license. If you or someone you know is considering Selling a home in order to downsize or move to a senior supportive lifestyle, please call me!


Interested in a free copy of “Information for Life kit?


A list of critical documents Every Senior should have.


Send me an email  and request a copy.





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