My Misconception about Business Cards and Branding.

I can't be the only one that had business cards made up in the past with the attitude of "as long as it has my name on it and contact information, I'm good to go"!

Now that I am no longer with a full service Real Estate Brokerage, I am basically on my own...but I need business cards, desperately! what? I started thinking about how I wanted the card to look and what it should say. Hmmm! It is my brand, I am hoping to increase the number of cards I hand out, so this was focus time.

First, I started to formulate the key words, since I already knew my name and contact information. At that moment I realized that is has to be just right because it essentially was to be a short version of my resume. I realized that once I hand out that perfect designed card, it really is a form of disclosure because of the many designation following my name will indicate that I am competent, educated and an experienced real estate agent.

I started with catchy phrases and realized that isn't really me. Keep it simple...have clarity and easy to read and stay true to my brand. Simple enough! Eve

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