Self Perception

Did you know...You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream - C.S. Lewis

I invite you to walk with me on this journey, no longer through trial and error but through being more than what we thought we could be. Incorporating our past, current situation and anticipating the future not by avoiding or denying unfinished responsibilities. No longer reinventing the wheel or flying below the radar, but to finish the race that was always ours to complete.

This last year, there are a couple of truths I would like to share with you that some of you may have learned earlier in life but this Real Estate Professional learned it from a 22 year old. It started with a phone call in August 2015. My son a United States Marine called home and said, hey mom did you know I had a finance class today and I learned that you and dad fall into the 1% FICO score? I said sure we believe in living debt free and that takes dicipline. That was one of his ah ha moments.

The second time we had a conversation he admitted to me, I have been flying under the radar for too long. The guys I am to train do not respect me and I regret wasting time, so I am going to have to disipline myself and fly over the radar. Words I had hoped I would eventually hear so that I can relax and breathe. These two instances have changed my perspective of what I want to accomplish for myself and invite you along the journey with me, in the hopes that this will encourage you to live in the 1% group instead of the 99%.

That in your last stretch you will experience accomplishment and peace knowing that your unfinished work, whatever that may be, has been completed and you can truly relax, be at peace and enjoy life.

The photograph above is of a former client, who has inspired me more than she will ever know. Prior to her 80th birthday, she had been working out to build up her strength through gradually increasing her walks in speed and time. The picture was taken by her kids, who traveled from different states to meet up with her at the Grand Canyon, where they hiked down and spent several days enjoying Arizona's National Park and U.S. Treasure. Thank you, Pat!!

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