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PRACTICAL SAVER: Senior discounts abound at Prescott-area businesses

Kara Rozendaal Courier Columnist This week, I set out to help enlighten my parents about the vast amount of businesses that offer senior discounts. They are very diligent shoppers and have reaped significant discounts as a reward for being seniors. Today, we will learn which businesses, restaurants and services in the greater Prescott area offer these types of savings. Some are targeted for certain days of the month, but in the end, they all can add up to extra money left in your pocketbook. When it comes to shopping, taking an extra 10 percent off your bill can add up to significant savings. For grocery shopping, seniors over 55 can visit Fry's and Albertson's on the first Wednesday of the month and receive 10 percent off their bill. At Fry's, you can register for this discount at the customer service desk with proof of age and Fry's VIP card. They will in turn program your Fry's card for automatic savings. At Albertson's, no card is required. Simply have your I.D. ready. For shopping outside of the grocery store, seniors can experience savings at a variety of non-food establishments. One in particular is our local Ace Hardware. Seniors 55 and over can visit Ace in Prescott Valley on the first Tuesday of the month and receive 10 percent off purchases. (There is a list of excluded items at the register.) At Kohl's, which sells clothing, accessories and household goods, seniors who are 60 or over get a 15 percent discount every Wednesday. In general, if you have another percent-off coupon, the discounts cannot be combined. To take advantage of this senior discount, shoppers should have their identification ready at the register. A store that also offers great shopping values to seniors is Ross, which also sells clothing, accessories and household goods. The chain has a "Tuesday Club," through which seniors who are 55 and over will receive 10 percent off their entire bill each Tuesday. A club card is not required. This is a valuable additional savings at a store that already offers incredible discounts. There are a variety of restaurants in the area that also offer senior specials. Seniors can deduct 20 percent off their ticket at Denny's. AARP members receive a 20 percent discount off their total check every day from 4 to 10 p.m. In addition, seniors pay only $1 per person for a cup of coffee. Another restaurant that provides a shopping value is Wendy's. A "Senior Drink" is free at Wendy's. All you have to do is ask the cashier and they will provide a "Senior Drink" cup. Refills are free. Seniors can also be rewarded with a discount at Jack in the Box. The Prescott Valley restaurant offers 50 cents off any individual drink to seniors over 60. Drinks purchased in a meal deal, however, are not included. There are even discounts offered at hotels. Seniors enjoy a 20 to 40 percent discount when they stay at a Holiday Inn. The discount amount depends on hotel location and is off the non-discounted room rate. Guests need to be 62 or older or have a valid membership ID of a retired persons organization. One common essential in my research is that it is necessary to ask for the discount. Many times a visual analysis of the customer prompts the employee to grant the appropriate senior discount, but this is not always the case. So, the consumer is responsible for asking for the discount. Since discounts often vary from one location to the next, it is also necessary to ask if your particular location offers a senior discount. In my research, I was excited to find a resource of national senior discounts at Again, there is no guarantee that our local stores honor the reported discounts, but it is a great place to begin your own research. The best research, however, is from actual experience. If you have enjoyed a senior discount in the quad-city area, readers want to know about it. Please email me at so that I can pass on the information to readers. Kara Rozendaal, a financial planner, wife and homeschool mother of three, has lived in Prescott Valley for 17 years. Learn more about her classes and ways to save money at

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