My Senior Moment.

Saturday morning water exercise session at the Center for Physical Excellence.

This is the first facility in the Quad City area that offers salt water aquatic therapy and rehabilitation service to the Prescott community and has extended to the Prescott Valley area as well.

Because of my recent diagnoses with Psoriatic Arthritis I wanted to be proactive. Psoriatic Arthritis is not the same as any form of arthritis, that is a misconception, as is, that arthritis in general only occurs in older people as we age.

It is essential to reach out to a Physician who's specialty is in Rhuematology as soon as possible. Knowing what questions to ask, since the diagnoses was unexpected, actually it was a shock! I have always prided myself as being extremely healthy. I did not know what to ask, I started asking the basic questions about his diagnoses, an explanation of what it is and what to expect with or without treatment. I then did my own research so that I could understand the seriousness and went back to my doctor with a better understanding, to be specific, to ask for clarification and facing the reality of my future with or without medical treatment and what will work best for me/you.

What can I do to be proactive? Some of the main component that I have control over is to stay active, the earlier you start moving the longer you can move. Diet, (I started removing sugar and coffee immediately) and the list grew from there. From my research, swimming, yoga and walking stood out and were the most consistent suggestions from several Google sites. Certainly I could do that for myself. I had heard about the Center of Physical Excellence several years ago from a friend. So that was my first stop.

When I first started to use the pool it was like splashing around and didn’t think there was anything to gain from it. Until the next day…that is!

I am really enjoying my time spent in doing what is fun, reaping the health benefits, meeting others that are there for their specific therapy, share in their success, support and sometimes even meeting an unexpected next door neighbor. This is very important!!

Some of us that suffer from Psoriatic Arthritis experience excruciating pain, and an over whelming sense of physical and emotional exhaustion followed by various degrees of depression and potential joint deformities.

The aquatic salt water pool is easy on the joints, yet offers pain free resistance. One of the many discoveries is balance or lack of it, coordination and strength training. This due diligence is for ME. Since my real estate specialty is working with Baby Boomers and beyond, It helps me be better equipped to serve my clients, be more compassionate and understanding to their declining health, share in the vast amount of resources that exist and is available in our Prescott community and surrounding areas.

The benefits I have experienced in using the salt water pool in such a short time, surpasses the discipline required; setting aside the time, focus for continued success and that in turn keeps me coming back to my commitment to myself, family and my future.


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