My Senior Moment

Meet my friends and former real estate clients, Jack and Farene. On September 17, 2019, I met them at Pioneer Title Agency in Prescott Valley for their final signing of their closing documents prior to funding and transferring title to the new owner last week.

Jack and Farene allowed me the privilege to have been their real estate agent for the last 8 years. We found their home 8 years ago and they loved the place they called home and enjoyed their many neighbors. Deciding to sell their home was not an easy decision to make. They were apprehensive to making this exhaustive move as many older adults do. I am sure there were some intense discussion before they agreed it was time for another reality check and that they were facing another transition in life.

With the help of their adult children they chose one of the options available to some as the need for additional assistance was recognized. Yet, keeping their autonomy was huge, as is, to continue an acceptable lifestyle, not putting their financial freedom at risk, continue their socialization through church and community, keeping their privacy, and for the most, their independence.

Moving in with one of their adult children was not a conversation taken lightly for either families. The logistics wasn't easy to manage for their adult son and family with a busy life, schedule and responsibilities of his own, and they all recognize it won't be perfect.

However, They are mightily blessed and at peace, I can see that this transition is just in the beginning stages of a phenomenal transformation that will affect many they meet as it has me.

Thank you Jack and Farene, you have touched my life more than you will ever know. Your loyalty is beyond words my friends. I call you my friends for you have touched my heart. Eve

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