You are allergic to Gluten??

My husband has struggled with vertigo and migraine headaches for the last six years. Some Migraine specialist gave it a name "center brain migraines"...what does that mean? Others called it being a hypochondriac...yes from Doctors.

You see, he looks pretty good from the outside, no one would know the excruciating pain and the inner strength it took to adjust to a world that is not stationary, but in constant movement. No one watched him pulling on his hair, like that was going to aleve the pain. Most of his days were spent 24/7 indoors and some with a little reprieve from the pain or the dizzyness. I was actually planning a life without him, we tried everything. Traveled to Phoenix and saw several types of specialist, to California, even to the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota by car.

Then one day, I went to see a friend who just moved into her new office space with several other professional offices and said there was an office space available right next door to her. She was in a hurry for an appointment, so I walked out with her to finish our conversation. As we were walking out there was a young person walking in the direction of an acupuncturist office, and I called out "is she any good"? Her reply was "she is great"! I didn't know that would be a God thing", at the time.

A couple of days went by and I casually mentioned to my husband maybe you ought to give it a try...meaning the acupuncturist. What do you have to lose? is out of pocket cost, but I thought once a week we could afford.

WELL... first visit, he tested allergic to gluten, o.k., no problem I will do some homework and get a couple of items, right? Well, we Connolly's never do anything just a little, its all or nothing. I was essentially his care taker and we had limited fast foods for quite awhile as well as eating out. . He also tested allergic to fragrances and chemicals. But this took it to a whole other level. I am addressing Gluten at this time. I never took Gluten Free anything very seriously until it effected me in a positive way.

Gluten is in everything, unless specifically identified as "Gluten Free". So everything I cooked and used organic flavor enhancers are out, canned broth...out! Bread, donuts, bagels...Out!! Everything fresh, fresh, fresh.

What medications could not do, getting rid of Gluten in our diet got us on the road of potentially having a chance at capturing lost minutes, hours and yes...even days.

In the following articles I will write the baby steps we have taken and the results we have come to. The benefits I have received from the change and how it has helped me with my Psoriatic Arthritis. As a former Paralegal, research was not new to me. I have found gluten free resources, delicious dishes to fix, and ways to help you take short cuts without reinventing the wheel. If you are a Gluten Free advocate and can add anything to help others please feel free to do so.

But for now, I can say my husband has had 6 or 7 visits with a local professional acupuncturist, highly trained in Chinese medicine. He is not pain free...yet! But is doing small chores around the house, wants to go out... with him driving the car (I was doing pretty much most of everything). Taking small walks and planning on a trip soon.

We are from the Baby Boomer generation and plan on keeping our 98% Gluten Free habit into the New Year of 2017. Wishing you a great New Year by making great new choices in everyting you do.

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