"Strength is a Beautiful Shade of Pink".

I want to thank each of you, who sent me well wishes, prayers and words of encouragments. Thank you to my family, friends (near and far) and neighbors. Many of you don't know that I was diagnosed with breast cancer about 2 months ago. On October 13th of this year I had breast surgery and the doctors believe they have caught it early, the cancer was isolated and the additional lymp node biopsy was negative. I am headed for radiation treatment to be completed before years end, this is highly recommended, but is still under consideration.

I am a private person so sharing this new challenge did not come easily, until I learned that my real estate family is not exempt from the breast cancer scenerio. There are several other agents that have had similar news which compelled me to share my story in hopes that my reaching out and letting you know...you are not alone! I would love to connect and support you in anyway I can and could certainly use your support as well.

Please feel free to contact me should you want to talk. Kind regards, Eve

James 1:2-4

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